Head of Student Research Brenden Rabinovitch

(Hon.) BSc Candidate (Biology; Biomedical Science), York University


Brenden is currently pursuing his Honours Bachelor of Science in Biology; Biomedical Science Stream at York University. Brenden has a passion for neurology and neuroscience, with an emphasis on neuroplasticity, learning, and mindfulness. He strives to attend medical school to become a practicing neurologist and medical researcher.

Brenden leads NCT’s Special Projects and Research Team, composed of students of a multidisciplinary background, aiming to publish research on novel clinical interventions and clinical throughput models, with the goal of better serving the medical community as a whole. Brenden joined the NCT team in November of 2019 and helped develop the Virtual Rapid Access Clinics (VRACs). His areas of research include medical cannabis for neurological conditions, psychedelic therapies, novel neurological clinical interventions, virtual medicine, and he looks to expand his knowledge more with NCT’s ongoing research projects.

Research & Publications


(1) Medical Cannabis in Pediatric, Drug-Resistant Epilepsy: Overview & Summary of Current Research

(2) Medical Cannabis Treatment for Pediatric, Drug-Resistant Epilepsy: An Overview & Summary for those New to the Conversation