Virtual Rapid Access Clinics

Our team delivers fast, accessible and comprehensive virtual consultations for adults and children with select neurological conditions.

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What is virtual medicine?

Virtual medicine is a form of medical assessment involving screen-to-screen, online consultations performed in real-time between a neurologist and a patient. These visits are conducted from home or in special locations throughout Ontario.

This service relieves the burden of travel and empowers patients to decide when and where their care takes place. Our virtual medicine program reflects our ambition to improve the patient experience, reduce unnecessary visits to hospitals and urgent care centers, and enables better coordinated and more continuous care.

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Virtual medicine at NCT

At NCT, we understand the importance of using virtual medicine as a tool to help improve patient care. Given this, we have developed virtual rapid access clinics in which patients are able to access a neurologist consultation in an expedited and efficient manner from the comfort of their home. Our virtual rapid access clinics use a team based approach in which you will be seen by multiple members of our team including: Neurologists, Physician Assistants, Nurses, Social Workers and other members of our Allied Health Team. Our team based approach has allowed for a significant reduction in wait times to see a neurologist. We currently offer virtual rapid access clinics for: concussion/persistent post-concussive symptoms, headache & migraine, epilepsy, medical cannabis for neurological conditions and tics and Tourette Syndrome.

If you wish to be seen in one of our virtual medicine clinics, please have your primary care provider complete the referral form below. 

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