FHT Collaborative Concussion Rehabilitation

The Family Health Team Concussion Rehabilitation Program is a collaborative approach between primary care teams in Ontario and the Occupational Therapy team at NCT.

Partnering with primary care teams broadens access to patients in need.

About the Program

NCT collaborates with Family Health Teams (FHT), Nurse Practitioner Led Clinics (NPLC), Community Health Centres (CHC), and other primary care teams to provide virtual concussion rehabilitation services.

Patients access a structured, 4-week virtual concussion program supported by the occupational therapy team at NCT to facilitate recovery and return to daily activities.

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Success of the Program

The pilot program was launched in March 2022, to help rehabilitate patients from the Georgian Bay Family Health Team.

Specifically, when surveyed after completing this program, 33% of patients demonstrated an improvement in daily activity tolerance, 67% of patients demonstrated an improvement in their symptom scores, and 83% reported satisfaction with the program.

Find out how your FHT can provide these Services for your Patients.

If your FHT or Primary Care Team is in need of concussion rehabilitation services, we are looking to create more patient-centred partnerships.

To discuss the details of this program and how it may fit within your FHT, submit your information in the form below.

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