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Ketamine Treatment

Ketamine treatment aims to address the root causes of mental health conditions—including neurological conditions—to help you create lasting change in your daily life. We offer treatments that combine leading-edge therapy with psychedelic medicine in an environment optimized for your comfort and safety.

Our Ketamine Treatments

Our ketamine treatments are designed to meet your individual needs and goals to best support you on your healing journey. This medicine, especially when combined with therapy, can help individuals overcome a broad range of psychological and neurological conditions. We are currently treating for the following conditions:  depression, anxiety, trauma, addictive disorders, and other mental health conditions, as well as the mental health impact of living with a chronic or serious medical illness. Neurological conditions are additionally being treated with a focus on functional seizures and persistent post-concussion syndrome. Our clinical team is happy to offer further guidance as to whether this treatment may be right for your individual needs.

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How it works

Ketamine is a medicine with psychedelic properties. It can affect perception and sensations in the body and mind, sometimes producing altered perceptions, relaxation, changes to negative feelings, and dream-like states. It is a legal medication in Canada that has been used for over 50 years and is known to be safe when administered by appropriately trained health care practitioners.

Ketamine induces neuroplasticity, which means it increases and strengthens connections in the brain, with evidence in improving mental health conditions. When experiencing the effects of ketamine in a medical environment, short-term changes in your state of consciousness occur that may help you process strong emotions and memories that could otherwise be too painful or difficult to access; this may help you to experience personal breakthroughs that may resolve some of the root causes of mental health conditions. With the use of this medicine, the goal is to help you feel connected with your inner healing capacity; ketamine may also enhance your ability to meaningfully engage in therapy.

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