Student Research Coordinator

Amanda Langleben

BHSc Candidate, 2023 (Major in Health Sciences) at Queen's University

Amanda is currently pursuing her Honours Bachelor of Health Sciences at Queen’s University. She majors in Health Sciences and will be obtaining a Certificate of Disability and Physical Activity. Being a part of the NCT research team has allowed her to explore her passion in science and delve deeper into novel topics in neuroscience and neurology. The experience has given her applied skills in better understanding the human body (and brain, in particular). She illustrates passion in her work and is optimistic that her research contributions will also help to educate others


[1] Diaz PL, Katz TM, Langleben AC, Rabinovitch BS, Lewis EC. Healing of a Chronic Pressure Injury in a Patient Treated With Medical Cannabis for Pain and Sleep Improvement: A Case Report. Wound Manag Prev. 2021;67(10):42-47.