Teleneurology is a form of telemedicine involving screen-to-screen, online consultations performed in real-time between a neurologist and a patient.These visits are conducted in special telemedicine locations throughout Ontaro or while the patient and his or her family are in the comfort of their own home.

At Neurology Centre of Toronto, Teleneurology is utilized by 20% of our patients who live nearby or in cities and towns throughout Ontario. This service relieves the burden of travel and empowers patients to decide when and where their care takes place. Our Teleneurology program reflects our ambition to improve the patient experience, reduce unnecessary visits to hospitals, and enable better coordinated and more continuous care.

The program has been a thrilling success to date, and we have only just begun. We strive to offer Teleneurology services across Ontario, especially within the First Nations Reserves, where there is a significant need for reasonable access to neurology services.

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