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9 August

The Mind-Body Connection

= Gabi Kaplan, Laura Diamond, Jenni Diamond, OT Reg. (Ont.), & Evan Cole Lewis, MD =   What is the mind-body connection? Our mental and conscious states, including our emotions and behaviours, may have the ability to significantly influence our physical health outcomes, and reciprocally, our bodily health can impact our mental well-being. This is referred to as the “mind-body connection” – the interconnectedness of our minds and bodies through...

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28 January

“Let’s Talk” @ NCT – Introducing our Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Program

=== Laura Bradbury, MN, NP-PHC, BScN, CNN(C) === Mental health affects us all! That’s the message from this year’s ‘Bell Let’s Talk’ campaign to help end stigma surrounding mental illness.   Did you know, mental health support is now available at Neurology Centre of Toronto? That’s right! CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) is an evidence-based form of ‘talk therapy’ used for a wide range of concerns, including: anxiety depression post-traumatic stress...

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